Sorry that I ha…

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a couple days- I forgot! Here are some crafts that I want to make :  (Beware, there are a TON) 

zip up earbuds-

beach glass necklace-

paper roses-

sticky note notebooks-

magazine bangles-

ouija board necklace-

heart pattern friendship bracelet-

heartbeat necklace-

pasta earrings-

bow tie necklace- sorry, no link!

bow tie props-

wind chimes-

embross metal tin-

dip dyed rock necklace-

cool bangles-

book page feathers-

funky windchimes- necklace?

infinity necklace- (no link)

paris necklace-

ouija board-

embellished keys-

rain cloud necklace-

heart ring-

tea cup ring–

bottle cap ring–

heart picture-

send a letter to wallabey way sydney!
Wow. That’s a lot. Think I can finish it all before summer ends?

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